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Scheduling has never been this simple

You want your work to flow smoothly. But managing appointments can be a lot of work. With timelyAI you can organize your entire schedule via WhatsApp β€” it’s as easy as texting with a friend.

Welcome to the future of scheduling

Advanced Scheduling and Management

Integrate multiple calendars, receive bookings and schedule all your meetings using a single link.

Say goodbye to time management hassles!

Manage your schedule through WhatsApp

Customise your calendar using WhatsApp, witness your daily schedule and get timely reminders for all your meetings.

Your memory troubles are cared for!

Privacy Management and Features

Mask your contact details & maintain your privacy to communicate with potential leads over phone call.

Cut down on unwanted distractions!

There is no stopping you now

We are building a software that lets you manage your appointments
directly on WhatsApp.